Clay shooting

There are a large number of different disciplines in clay shooting: sporting, compak, Olympic trap, skeet, English Sporting...  

The shooter will be able to choose the shotgun of his choice, the best adapted to his morphology and his desires among a large choice of models in the B725 Pro, B725 Sporter, B525 Sporter, Ultra and Cynergy ranges.

Regardless of the weather, Browning offers clothing that is suitable for shooting in both hot and cold weather.

To complete the shooter's equipment, Browning develops shooting glasses, hearing protection, bags, gunslips and cleaning products. 


Shotguns for clay shooting

Some shotguns are designed for a specific discipline, others are more versatile and will allow shooters to compete in several disciplines with the same gun. 

The PRO shotguns (B725 Pro, Ultra XS Pro and Ultra XT Pro) are fully equipped for competition with 8 Extended chokes, PRO Balance weights for stock and barrels and additional adjustable triggers.

The B725 and B525 Sporter ranges offer clay shooting products with stock ready to accommodate counterweights, a choice of adjustable or non-adjustable stock and a choice of Trap or Tulip forearm. 

The Cynergy has the lowest action frame on the market and composite stock and forearm.

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Clothes for clay shooting

The shooter has a choice of 5 models of shooting vests. They are all ambidextrous and therefore suitable for both right and left handed shooters.

Snapshot sweatshirts are available in different colours with or without a zip and are perfect for cool weather shooting. 

If you want to go out on the shooting ground in warm weather, there's nothing better than Browning polo shirts.  

The Norfolk trousers have an elegant and classic style and are the perfect complement to the shooter's equipment.

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Accessories for clay shooting

After choosing a shotgun and clothing, the next step is to choose equipment. 

Between shooting glasses, hearing protection, bags, scabbards and cleaning products, the shooter has the choice to complete his equipment. 

It is also possible to improve its shotgun with specific accessories such as  Pro Balance weights for stock and barrel or sights.

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Shooter accessories

Shotgun accessories


Loyalty Program

Browning International’s loyalty program aims to encourage and reward performances by shooters who display their passion for our brands on a daily basis by achieving podium finishes in national and international competitions using a Browning, Winchester or Miroku shotgun.

World Champion shotguns

B725 Sporter Black Edition 12M

2019 FITASC Compak Sporting World Champion with Amy Easeman.

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Ultra XS Pro Adjustable 12M

2019 FITASC Sporting World Champion and 2023 English Sporting World Champion with Sam Green.

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B725 Sporter G5 12M

2021 FITASC Compak Sporting World Champion with Cristobal Jimenez.

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