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The undisputed leader with over 55 years of experience, Browning is the specialist in semi-automatic rifles. This title is due to the quality of the BAR's mechanism, to the smoothness of its gas operation which reduces the sensation of recoil as much as possible, to its reliability but also and above all to the fact that it has constantly evolved to offer you ever better performance.


In order to offer a new shooting experience, we have improved 5 points on our BAR 4x: accuracy, standardization of the barrels, a more ergonomic hand cocking, a stock for each shoulder, a new aesthetic.

Further more, the BAR 4X is configurable! Here are some inspirations, but the only limit is your imagination!

Configure the BAR 4X
Configure your BAR 4X

Configure the rifle of your dreams yourself!

Select your gun, caliber, type of stock and forearm, wood grade, type of sights and create a custom gun for your needs.

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BAR MK3 Reflex Composite

Thoroughly modern styling, natural handling, excellent ergonomics: the BAR Reflex Composite in a nutshell. With the K1 red-dot sight from Kite Optics fitted, this rifle is a revolution: low and forward position, natural handling and easy adjustment.

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