Maxus 2

The Maxus 2 addresses hunters' expectations: easy handling, fast aiming and comfortable shooting.    

Maxus 2

The Maxus is a reference for hunters around the globe. Its particularly gentle recoil and the speed loading system make it a one-of-a-kind that offers comfort and high performance in equal measure. The Maxus 2 builds on the benefits on its predecessor with new technical features to give hunters a unique shooting experience.

Before we developed this virtuoso gun for waterfowling and hunting in open country, we conducted an extensive survey to find out exactly what hunters want. The results show that they are looking for a semi-auto shotgun that offers exceptional performance, especially when it comes to handling, comfort, versatility and ergonomics.


NEW: Maxus 2 Camo Auric

The Maxus 2 is now available with the Auric Camo! Designed espacially for dry grass and wet terrains, the camo Auric is a perfect representation of these two environments seen from the air. 

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Maxus 2 Wood

The Maxus 2 is forged for shooters and hunters who accept no compromise. Performance is your motto, the conditions don’t matter. Reliability should be a given – it’s not up for negotiation. Y our gun rises to your standards, you don’t lower yours for the gun. Your Maxus 2 is the tool you use to build your success, and we have expanded the range to include three wood models.

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Maxus 2 Composite

The Maxus Max 5 is a model designed par excellence for waterfowl hunters. The gun is coated with the Max 5 camouflage film, the most effective camouflage for waterfowl. It has a super-magnum chamber so you can shoot 70mm - 89mm steel shot cartridges.

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