Browning's shotguns

Browning's shotguns are renowned for their quality craftsmanship, reliability, and performance. They offer a wide range of models suited for various purposes, including hunting, clay shooting, and sport shooting. With a reputation for precision and elegance, Browning's shotguns are favored by many enthusiasts and professionals alike.


During the making of a B525, the gun moves from one gunsmith to the next to be entirely hand finished, thanks to the expertise acquired over many years by each of the gunsmiths.

This is the only shotgun on the market at this price level that is hand fitted during production to such a high-performance level, making each shotgun truly unique. 

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Maxus 2

Designed to handle all loads from 28 grams up, the Maxus 2 is comfortable to shoot, thanks mainly to its Inflex II recoil reduction pad and the cheek piece in Reactar gel. The grip areas provide a perfect hold, while the trigger guard and oversized bolt handle make handling easier, especially with gloves. Perfectly balanced, it comes with five chokes which allow you to deal with any shooting situation.

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Sporting clays, a challenging and skill-focused sport, can manifest in various ways. Parcours can be set up in open fields, and involve clays that approach and retreat from the shooter. The Ultra range shotguns offer the flexibility to quickly adjust essential parameters as needed.

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