There are several types of varmint animals.

Depending on the type of game you are going to hunt, the first choice is between rifle and shotgun. 

Browning offers several choices of rifles, from the centerfire rifle to the rimfire for certain animals. 

For other animals, the choice will be between a semi-auto or an over-and-under shotgun.

A wide range of clothing will allow you to remain active regardless of the weather conditions. 

Accessories will complete your equipment. 


Guns for varmint hunting

X-Bolt, A-Bolt or T-Bolt, the choice of rifle depends on the type of game to be hunted and the versatility sought by the hunter. 

For varmint animals that cannot be hunted with a rifle, the hunter can turn to a wide range of over and under (B725 or B525) or semi-auto shotguns (Maxus or A5). 

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Clothes for varmint hunting

Varmint can be shot all year round depending on the type of game and the legislation in force in each country. 

There is a great diversity of so-called varmint animals and the types of hunting practiced are equally varied. 

In Browning clothing, the hunter can find a wide range adapted to the different types of hunting and the many weather conditions encountered throughout the year. Warm clothing for winter, waterproof clothing for hunting in the rain, light clothing for sunny days and technical clothing for active hunting.

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Accessories for varmint hunting

Browning produces a wide range of accessories to equip the hunter for varmint hunting, as well as cleaning kits for all types of guns. 

The hunter will find here bags, gunslips, slings, knives, hearing protection and cleaning products. 

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