Browning's rifles are esteemed for their exceptional craftsmanship, dependability, and outstanding performance. Wether you're hunting or target shooting, there is a Browning rifle for you.


Configure your BAR 4X or Maral 4X

You build the legend around our products. 

BAR 4X: the one and only

Maral 4X: the new success story

We want to continue bringing you innovative products that go beyond your expectations.
This is how the BAR 4X and Maral 4X ranges came to be. How did we do it? We took a new look at our current products, expanded the range and by customising the gun to your wishes.

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Maral 4X

Sure, ergonomic, fast. Ideal on driven hunts and stalking. With all its undeniable experience in making hunting rifles, Browning has innovated yet again in the field of straight-pull action rifles with the new Maral. The quick reloading system allows you to reload your gun quickly, so you can concentrate solely on your hunting action.

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Every X-Bolt is equiped with the Super Feather System. The Super Feather Trigger optimizes the trigger load (trigger movement reduced to a minimum and optimal pull) and increases sensations tenfold when firing. It makes a perfect rifle in your hands — a rifle that possesses the finest hold and which will offer you countless moments of emotion. 

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A-Bolt 3+

You want unique experiences. You are unique, and so is your gun. With the new generation of A-Bolt 3, you can customise your gun to reflect who you are. The A-Bolt 3+ is just as fearsomely accurate and versatile as ever, is easy to handle and just as easy to personalise.

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