Target shooting

Target shooting with pistols and rifles is a very popular sport all over the world. Competitions can be held indoors or outdoors, over varying distances. Shooters need precision, concentration and self-control to achieve their aim. That's why Browning has worked on high performance products that will satisfy the majority of shooters. 

Browning offers pistols suitable for target shooting in .22, as well as rifles in .22 and other calibres for longer distance shooting. 

It is also possible to equip yourself with Browning clothing and accessories. 


Rifles for target shooting

For target shooting, there are several product lines in the Browning product catalogue. 

The .22 rifles in the T-Bolt range are available in wood or composite. Its 10-shot rotary magazine is a plus, as is its straight-pull reloading system.

For larger calibres, the A-Bolt and X-Bolt ranges offer several models that can be used for target shooting or hunting. A versatile range of guns. 

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Pistols for target shooting

Nine models of pistols are available to shooters. Each one has its own specificities, so that each shooter will be able to find what he is looking for.

The shooter can choose from four models with a mounting rail for a red dot, three models with a threaded barrel for mounting a sound moderator or muzzle brake and 3 barrel lengths (10, 14 or 15cm).  

Buck Mark pistols are known for their reliability, quality and accuracy.

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Accessories for target shooting

Several accessories and equipment are designed for target shooters.

Rifle gunslips are available in different lengths to accommodate the length of your rifle. They are also adapted to accommodate a gun with a scope. 

Specific bags for pistols are also available in addition to other models for carrying accessories and ammo.

The shooting glasses with their different coloured lenses allow you to shoot in all weather conditions or on indoor shooting ranges. The shooter can also protect his hearing with ear protection.

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