There are many ways for waterfowling, but the main one is camouflage. 

Browning offers products that are particularly suited to this type of hunting. 

For guns, the choice for this practice will be a semi-automatic shotgun or an over and under shotgun.

Clothing with Real Tree Max 5 camouflage, a reed camouflage, is the best choice for blending in with your surroundings. 

To complete the hunter's equipment, several accessories are available. 


Shotguns for waterfowling

The choice of a gun is based on the feelings and habits of each individual. 

In order to satisfy as many hunters as possible, Browning has developed several product ranges adapted to waterfowling.

With the Maxus 2 semi-automatic shotguns, the watchword is outstanding mechanics for guaranteed results. 

For a reliable shotgun with any types of load, in any extreme conditions of weather and dirt, the A5 semi-automatic shotguns remains the best choice. 

For hunters who prefer over and under shotgun, the B525 and B725 ranges offer a wide choice of products. 

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Clothes for waterfowling

Waterfowl are by nature wary, so blending in with the landscape is essential. That's why Browning has selected camouflages that are renowned for their effectiveness, including the Real Tree Max 5 version with its extremely effective reed camouflage for waterfowling. 

The hunter can find this camouflage on the warm clothing of the XPO Pro range for hunting in wet and cold weather. 

But also on the Ultimate Activ clothing for active hunting in cool weather. 

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Accessories for waterfowling

In addition to guns and clothing, Browning also offers accessories that are suitable for waterfowling. 

The hunter can find backpacks to carry his stuff, gunslips or slings to carry his gun and knives, always useful. 

Shotgun cleaning kits are available to maintain shotguns after each hunting session. 

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