Tracking requires strong products, ready to face extreme conditions of use, such as crossing thorny bushes, brambles, or dense forests, but also going over or under obstacles... It is with this idea that Browning has designed its products dedicated to the track. 

For the places where it is allowed, Browning has created specific rifles with shorter barrels for a gun that is more agile in a small environment, which makes it possible to be more reactive.

Of course, Browning has put the same passion into designing technical and ultra-resistant clothing using recognised technologies such as Kevlar or Armortex. 

Browning has also thought of our four-legged friends with specific dog vests to protect them. 


Rifles for trackers

In the track, having a rifle is not mandatory or even always allowed. But for those cases where carrying a rifle is allowed, Browning has developed products specifically for this purpose. 

Browning tracking rifles have shorter barrels for easier handling in tight spaces, but also tough components to cope with dense vegetation. 

In the range you will find two BAR MK3 models in composite, two BLR lever action rifles in stronger laminated wood and a specific A-Bolt 3+.   

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Clothes for trackers

The technicality of the tracking clothes is an important element, as they are widely subjected to extreme conditions of use between thorns, brambles and rock depending on the biotope. 

The Tracker Pro range of ultra-technical clothes has been specifically designed by and for trackers and made with resistant materials such as Kevlar and Armortex.

The Tracker jacket allows you to track at a more accessible price. 

An orange safety vest, a t-shirt, gloves and gaiters complete the range.

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Protect your dogs

Dogs in the track are a guarantee for a good day. But for that, they need to be properly protected against everything that can be found in the environment in which they evolve, thorns, rocks, broken branches but above all, animals.

With this in mind, Browning has developed dog vests for our faithful companions. Ranging from 5 to 10 protective layers, there are models for all types of dogs and biotopes.

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