Small game

Being able to rely on your equipment is one of the most important things when hunting small game. It is with this in mind that Browning develops its products. 

Browning shotguns, whether semi-auto or over-and-under, are widely recognised for their efficiency and performance. 

Rain or shine, cold or hot, Browning has a range of products specifically adapted to each condition for small game hunting.

To complete your equipment, trust Browning accessories. 


Shotguns for small game hunting

For small game hunting, the choice between an over and under shotgun or a semi-automatic shotgun is up to the hunter. 

Browning offers 2 ranges of over and under shotguns, the B725 and the B525. Each range offers a wide choice of models with different engravings and wood grades to suit everyone. 

The semi-automatic shotguns are divided into 2 product families, the Maxus with gas operating system and the A5 with inertial system. Composite or wood, the hunter can choose. 

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Accessories for small game hunting

In addition to guns and clothing, Browning also offers accessories that are suitable for small game hunting. 

The hunter can find backpacks to carry his stuff, gunslips or slings to carry his gun and knives, always useful. 

Shotgun cleaning kits are available to maintain shotguns after each hunting session. 

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