Big Game - Driven hunt

Browning offers a wide range of products for driven hunting, including guns, clothing and accessories. 

Regarding guns, several types of rifles are suitable for driven hunting: the BAR, the mythical semi-auto rifle that every hunter dreams of owning one day, the Maral with its straight-pull system, the fastest on the market, the bolt actions A-Bolt 3+ or X-Bolt and even the BLR with its lever action system. 

Browning also produces clothing and accessories designed with the same quality standards as the guns. 

The XPO range of clothing is perfectly suitable for winter hunts. The Ultimate Activ range is better suited to the beginning of the season. 

Discover too a wide range of caps, knives, gunslips and accessories.


Rifles for driven hunts

Everyone is different, which is why Browning offers a diverse selection of driven hunt rifles so that everyone can find the product that suits them best.

BAR MK3 or 4X, Maral and Maral 4X, X-Bolt, A-Bolt 3+ or BLR 

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Configure your BAR 4X or Maral 4X

You build the legend around our products. 

BAR 4X: the one and only

Maral 4X: the new success story

We want to continue bringing you innovative products that go beyond your expectations.
This is how the BAR 4X and Maral 4X ranges came to be. How did we do it? We took a new look at our current products, expanded the range and by customising the gun to your wishes.

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Accessories for driven hunts

Browning offers a wide range of gunslips and slings for carrying guns.

The knife is essential for any hunter on a driven hunt, a dagger, a folding blade or a fixed blade knife, the choice is yours. 

After a good day's hunting, a good cleaning is required, discover our cleaning products. 

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