Up to which shooting distance can we still talk about hunting?

Published on 14 August 2019
Author: Aleksejs Vankovs
I often listen to people talking about distances and how far they can shoot. Well, here is my take on it.

My opinion on a long-distance shot

I don’t believe in shots over 150m: of course, there are times and places where it is the only way and you can’t argue with that – it’s just part of the actual hunting process, or otherwise you won’t be able to cull the animal or get the trophy you are after.

And it’s not that I can’t take them, it’s that I just don’t see it as true hunting or stalking.

What you need to know for a long-distance shot

You see, to take a good shot at 200-300-500 or more meters you need good (above average) kit and several hours daily range practice to understand the ballistics of the ammo you are using.

It has become a sport which has nothing to do with hunting.

And at a shorter distance

But taking a clean shot at distances under 100m also takes a lot of practice, a different type of practice from the one I’ve described above.

We need to spend countless hours outdoors, learning the paths, timings, locations of beddings and feeding grounds, entries into and exits from the hunting ground/woods.

The behaviour of the hunted animals according to the weather conditions, the time of year or time of day.

And all of this for the opportunity to get yourself into position so you can take a clean ethical shot at the chosen animal, to get as close as possible to the targeted animal, to do it in the most humane way and to have absolutely no doubts left in your mind after the bullet has left the barrel.

The requirement of stalking

Stalking is one of the most difficult forms of hunting, and that is exactly why a good outfitter will make a big difference, although you will pay extra.

You can’t cheat or take shortcuts when stalking: it’s purely down to skill and knowledge, and that takes a lifetime to acquire.

What kind of hunter are you? Shoot from afar, or approach the animal as close as possible?