The John M. Browning Collection

Published on 01 April 2016
Author: Daniel Beardsmore
A legend is reborn. As we head into 2016 with open arms, we can proudly announce Browning’s iconic Custom Shop has evolved into the John M. Browning Collection. This is a new generation, but what can you expect? A new chapter in the Browning story has begun, one that will carry the legend of the Buck Mark brand forward. The Custom Shop, home of the legendary B25, has become the John Moses Browning Collection. The JMB Collection represents everything we know about making hand-crafted guns. A new name certifies an evolutionary development. A new generation.

Why the new name?

The change signals to admirers of the art of fine gun making that Browning has endeavoured to ensure that the workshop that makes the magnificent B25 delivers a new level of professionalism, excellence and exemplary standards.

The Custom Shop name and logo did not reflect the excellence of the craftsmen behind the most stunning Browning shotguns. To many people’s minds, the old name conjures up images far removed from the world of superior guns. What better solution than to name after genius inventor and founder of the brand John Moses Browning? The Browning name has always guaranteed safety, beauty, reliability and excellence to gun lovers.

The word “collection” underlines the unique attributes of these guns that are produced in a workshop in the heart of Herstal, Belgium.

The new logo also conveys this message. It is understood and an elegant reminder that the guns in the John Moses Browning Collection continue a centuries-old tradition of craftsmanship.

What can you expect from the new JMB Collection?

The collection is comprised of the legendary B25, the new highly anticipated B15, the handmade CCS rifles and of course, the timeless designs of Hi Power Pistols.

The next great John M. Browning Shotgun:

Unveiled in 2015, the B15 Beauchamp is the latest addition to the JMB Collection. This is the shotgun that Browning aficionados have been waiting for. Ninety years, in fact, since the B25’s ground-breaking debut. Like its eminent forerunner, the B15 has been developed and perfected by world-renowned gunsmiths of the Fabrique Nationale de Herstal. This means you can expect balance and reliability. You can also expect precision engineering, with the finest of aesthetic finishes.

The B15 is available in 4 grades with a choice of exceptional engravings and wood quality. Butt plates and fore end style are also included. At the heart of the B15 is its locking system and all the technical features of the legendary B25, as well as the new and innovative elements listed:

  • New Invector DS Chokes
  • Back-Bored Vector Pro Barrels
  • Low action frame – low profile frame
  • New high-performance mechanical trigger system

It speaks volumes to those who know their shotguns. Those who appreciate style, but prize function.

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