Shot Show 2019: Browning, more than just guns

Published on 29 January 2019
Author: Adrien Koutny
Ask an American which monuments symbolise his country and he’ll tell you about the Statue of Liberty, Mount Rushmore, the Golden Gate Bridge, or the Hollywood sign on the hills above Los Angeles. Talk to him about brands that symbolise the American Dream, and there’s a good chance that Browning will be one of the first names mentioned.

Browning licensees in the United States

The Buckmark brand is ever-present in the outdoor activities market and has established itself far beyond the hunting and shooting sectors in the United States. Let me tell you what I saw at the 2019 Shot Show.

Browning camping equipment

With tents, sleeping bags, camp chairs, air beds, the choice is enormous. Many Americans take advantage of their country’s wide open spaces to enjoy time in the great outdoors. Browning is a reference in camping US-style.

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Browning car covers

Do you like to display your passion with pride? Do you like Browning? Get this: we could have taken part in the TV series Pimp My Ride. In the USA, you can buy car seat covers, gear shift knobs and a wide range of other buckmarked accessories for your car.

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Browning handbags

Is the Missus a big Browning fan, so much so that she calls you “my dear”, though you see yourself more as a young “buck”? If so, she’ll be delighted to know that in the United States, you can buy Browning handbags with a neat added feature: a concealed carry pocket for her handgun.

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Browning baby clothes

Imagine! You’ve been dreaming of going hunting with your kid since the day he was born. And now that he’s 12 years old, he tells you he prefers curling… It’s a shock that few recover from. Reduce the risk by getting your child in the right frame of mind from an early age. Browning’s line of toddler and baby apparel should help.

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Browning barbecue

Browning and good meat go hand in hand. Americans know this, and you can get Browning barbecues from many sites.

As you can see, Browning US is a whole different shooting match. Unfortunately, these products are not available in Europe. But something tells me that if you share and comment on this article, we can convince our American partners that Europe is ready and waiting eagerly for them!