Sam Green World Sporting Champion with his Ultra XS!

Published on 10 September 2019
Author: Jules
Sporting Sam Green
The success of our sponsored shooter Sam Green once again underlines Browning’s reputation for excellence. The Englishman with the easy smile took the top prize in FITASC sporting at the 2019 World FITASC Championship held at the prestigious EJ Churchill range. Here, Sam tells us what the experience was like.

Always aim higher

“Becoming world champion is an indescribable feeling, it’s unreal,” says Sam, his voice still brimming with emotion. “I didn’t believe it until I saw my name at the top of the board.” But, like Browning, Sam isn’t one to rest on his laurels. “I started aiming for the nationals when I was regional champion. When I won the nationals, I started aiming for the European championship. After Europe, the world. Now I want to win more and more world championships.

Browning, more than a sponsorship

Browning and Sam is more than a sponsorship. It’s a powerful story built on trust. “I wouldn’t give up my Ultra XS for anything in the world,” he promises. “I use my gun every day, mainly for shooting rabbits, crows and pigeons.

I’ve been taking it to every competition for the last four years. This is the only shotgun I shoot with. I fire close to 15,000 shells a year and I’ve only ever had to do maintenance on it. No other manufacturer can guarantee that. What’s more, the gun is perfectly balanced and ultra high performing.

Hunting, the best training?

As you will have realised, work and perseverance are the cornerstones of Sam’s success. However, you’re hardly likely to meet Sam when you’re loosing off some shells with your mates. “I only train in competitions; I never go out shooting for fun. Competitions, even a low-grade local one, give me a chance to excel myself. Hunting is my daily training routine.

In fact, it was hunting that took Sam Green on the path to becoming the world’s best sporting clays shooter. “I shot my first pheasants with a 410 when I was five or six,” he remembers, nostalgically. “I entered my first competition, which was held on one of the Queen’s estates, when I was thirteen… That was the first time I shot at clays instead of game. And I won my category, which was the under-16s!

Although it’s better to start young, it isn’t really necessary to become a champion. “The main thing is work, perseverance… and a Browning!