Hunting waterfowl with the A5

Published on 12 August 2016
Author: Hélène
No, waterfowl is not a synonym for a wicked move during water polo, as I thought at first. This expression is used to describe all wild birds, both sedentary and migrant, mainly found in and around water such as ducks, waders, swans, geese, … To make things simpler, small game in an aquatic environment.

Whenever you go waterfowl hunting, you should take your A5

Now that we are all on the same page regarding the game that is represented by the poetic term, the question that remains is: which is the best caliber to hunt waterfowl?

You will undoubtedly have read this in our article on hunting equipment: semi-automatic rifles are best for hunting waterfowl. And the all new Browning® A5 is the most reliable gun in its category. It also features the softest recoil, which, you will readily admit, is a considerable asset.

The A5 uses the recoil effect resulting from the cartridge’s kinetic energy to power the new Kinematic Drive system. This system can function reliably with any type of cartridge and in extreme conditions due to weather, temperature, humidity and dirt. This is rather practical when you are on the edge of the water, waiting for the waterfowl to arrive.

How do you hunt waterfowl?

Hunting waterfowl is a challenge in itself, these animals have excellent eye sight which makes it important to be very well prepared and optimally camouflaged.

Choose the right body of water

Choosing the pond is part and parcel of your prospecting. There are day ponds and night ponds. The game may prefer certain bodies of water to paddle during the day and go somewhere else in the evening in order to eat.

So make sure to reconnoiter well, so that you don’t waste any time waiting for birds that will never show up.

Patience is key in a hide out

You found the perfect place: you’re not moving a finger amidst the reeds, in a shrub or pressed up against a tree, you wait while watching the sky. Be aware that, in order to have the edge, you must be perfectly hidden, especially your face. If you have a habitual hunting site, you can build a permanent hide out. Make sure it is as discrete as possible and that it is one with its natural surroundings.

Often you will hear the birds before you see them; whistling wings will tell you their arrival is imminent. Prepare your A5 in silence, because noise is the last thing you want at a crucial moment like this.

If the area is not a regular hunting spot, the birds may set down on the pond straight away, without making a fly by first. In that case: a shot in the water will make them fly away and you will be able to shoot them in flight.

If you would like to learn more about Browning’s latest innovations for the A5.