Hunting heals us from the inside…

Published on 09 November 2018
Author: Aleksejs Vankovs
I am sure that every hunter has had one of those days when you get up in the morning and start getting ready for work; it’s just not working out for you, you just can’t get on with things. Everything takes so much effort and energy that you almost want to call in sick. Your workmates are not the same and it seems no-one cares about you and nobody understands you.

When the day is getting better

But somehow you get moving and get through your working day. About halfway through it actually starts getting a bit easier because you know that this evening you are going out hunting. This thought keeps you soldiering on through the rest of the day and the challenges you face.

That feeling of taking your rifle out of the safe, picking out the ammo from the box, zipping up the gun holster and walking out of the house gives you a completely different approach to life. It seems like everything that happened today before this very moment didn’t really happen: you feel great, you are charged up and ready to cover miles through woods and swamps. All the stress has disappeared, your headache has gone and your phone is off. Hands on the steering wheel; your rifle, sledge and shooting sticks in the boot, you are off…

In the middle of nature

The woods bring about a change inside you.  At this stage, it is never about pulling the trigger, it not about shooting an animal, but about exploring the world around you. It is about listening, watching and sensing nature, becoming part of it and enjoying every second of it. The damp air slides down your throat and make your breathing easier, the wind cools your neck and takes away any aches and pains, the sun gives you warmth and relaxes you when it hits your back, the rain reminds you that water is LIFE and the frost makes your mind taut, sharp and switched on.

Hunting gives you great power, it brings people together from all around the world. Hunters always have the topic in mind and never have uncomfortable moments of quietness. Regardless of their political, ethical and cultural views, hunters are people who are always calm, rational and strong. Hunters are people who always have a goal in life, a goal they strive for every day.

This goal is: To be out in the wild, to be free and to be happy!