5 films that let you enjoy hunting from your sofa

Published on 09 August 2019
Author: Jules
So, you’ve made a deal with the Devil Mrs: every second Sunday, you’ll leave your gun in the safe and chill out with her on a Netflix binge. Although I can’t agree with such a course of action personally, you can play it smart and stay a step ahead of your dearly beloved. How? you ask. With a list of films about hunting! And in another two articles, I’ll be writing about video games and platforms that are based on our passion for hunting.

The 5 films

L’école buissonnière/School of Life

The sort of film that we’d like to see the French movie industry make more often: jubilant, complex and shot through with the type of atmosphere you love to breathe. Take care not to go all melodramatic, though.


Two friends set off on a hunting trip to Scotland. Unfortunately, things don’t go according to plan. Available on Netflix.

The hunter

This Australian film is about poaching rather than hunting. A powerful multinational hires a mercenary to kill the last remaining Tasmanian tiger. But the killer finds himself reluctant to do so, and not because he doesn’t have a licence to hunt in Tasmania.

The Ghost and the Darkness

This 1996 film tells the story of a British engineer and hunter as he attempts to find and kill a pair of lions that have developed a strong liking for human flesh. The film is set in late 19th century Africa and is based on a true story.

Moby Dick

Does this cinema classic from 1956 need any introduction? Probably not, but here is a quick reminder: the hunters use harpoons instead of guns to hunt whales instead of boars.

And you, what is your hunting films list?