1. The qualification of new products.
Before they are launched onto the market, Browning guns undergo numerous, very strict Browning internal tests. No product will be validated if it fails to completely fulfil the following requirements:

1.1 Operation and endurance tests.
  • Minimum of 2 000 shots for rifles.
  • Minimum of 5 000 shots for hunting shotguns.
  • Minimum of 10 000 shots for sports shotguns.
  • Test conditions: the gun is cooled down every 50 shots and cleaned every 500 shots
  • The full range of cartridges of different makes is used.
  • No part breakage is tolerated.
  • Once the test has been completed, none of the parts should be excessively worn.
1.2 Tests in adverse conditions.
  • The gun should operate at extreme temperatures : from -30°C to +50°C.

1.3 "Torture tests".
All of these torture tests are carried out in extreme conditions that greatly exceed those of the conventional C.I.P. standards. Browning guns’ legendary solidity and reliability are largely due to them passing all of these tests.

  • Overload tests for all guns.
  • Obstruction tests for rifles.
  • Safety tests : drop tests for all guns.
2. 100% systematic inspection of mass produced guns.
Browning’s extremely stringent quality checks impose a systematic inspection of each serial gun which is screened during numerous checks and tests.
2.1 Gun tests
  • Visual inspection of each product : gun + packaging.
  • Systematic measuring of certain points : headspace, chamber dimensions, weight, specific dimensions...
2.2 Gun tests.
  • Manual operation tests.
  • Shooting tests : operation and accuracy.

2.3 Accuracy tests.
For rifles: very precise check on shot patterns.

For shotguns:

P.O.I. ( Point Of Impact) test which is the shot pattern’s average point or centre of gravity. This test is carried out at 35 m with different points of aim depending on the product’s family and therefore its use:

  • For over-and-under shotguns, the maximum difference between 2 shot patterns’ centres of gravity should not exceed 10 cm with a convergence set at 35m.
  • Systematic check on the quality of the lead shot patterns using computerised analysis to guarantee operation and extreme reliability.
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